Tori Kelly Rolls Out Summery, Feel-Good Bop “Unbothered”

Mike Wass | August 11, 2020 12:40 pm
JoJo & Tori Cover 'When You Believe'
JoJo and Tori Kelly team up for a cover of Whitney and Mariah's 'When You Believe.'

Tori Kelly’s 5-track Solitude EP, which she recorded at home during quarantine, is shaping up to be mood-lifting gem. The Grammy winner introduced us to the project with a stunning cover of Drake’s “Time Flies” and now ups the ante with a summery, feel-good bop called “Unbothered.” Produced by Jorgen Odegard, the track is essentially about the rush of realizing that you are finally over someone. “I’m winning, minding my business,” Tori begins the soulful tune. “No time to stop and start thinking about you.”

Her positive attitude has already paid off by the time we reach the chorus. “Smelling roses all the time, can’t mess with my peace of mind,” the 27-year-old belts. “Used to be so blue but I’m… unbothered, babe.” This might just be the classiest kiss-off anthem of all time. Tori’s Solitude EP drops on August 14. (Pre-order here and get invited to a Zoom party with the powerhouse vocalist). It follows last year’s extremely underrated Inspired by True Events. Learn the words to “Unbothered” below.

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