Nickelback Is Releasing New Music & The Internet Has Thoughts

Mike Wass | August 11, 2020 2:38 pm

It’s time to let Nickelback live. The Canadian rockers get way more shit than they deserve despite minding their business and diligently making music for dads. They even have a couple of ’00s classics in their catalogue including “Photograph” and “Far Away” from 2005’s diamond-selling All The Right Reasons. I bring it up because the band is releasing new music from the 15th anniversary edition of the album on August 14. At least, that’s my best guess based on their social media posts from the last few days.

Of course, the news of a potential Nickelback comeback evoked a divisive response on Twitter. It didn’t take long for Chad Kroeger & Co. (please note their new hairstyles) to start trending. As expected, the usual haters are describing the band’s imminent release as the latest tragedy to beset 2020. However, fans are clearly excited about the news and were quick to express their support. Check out the mixed response on social media below and see Nickelback’s original announcement at the bottom of the post.

Social media’s reaction:

Nickelback’s post:

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