The Japanese House Links With Justin Vernon For “Dionne”

Mike Wass | August 12, 2020 5:07 pm
The Japanese House's 'Lilo' Video
Amber Bain returns to the music scene with a serene new single called 'Lilo.'

The Japanese House makes a welcome return to the music today (August 12) with a new EP called Chewing Cotton Wool. The 4-song set is comprised of 2019 gems “Something Has To Change” and “Chewing Cotton Wool” as well as the interlude “Sharing Beds” and a duet with Justin Vernon called “Dionne.” The latter ranks as one of Amber Bain’s (her real name) dreamiest moments. “Listening in on everybody else, talking about something meaningless,” she begins the song. “Wishing that someone would film the way I’m looking at you right now.”

The Bon Iver mastermind then tackles the chorus. “Step on up, pay them no mind,” Justin sings with heavy distortion. “You’re alone with this one and they’re angry.” How did the collaboration come together? “I’ve met him a couple of times,” The Japanese House tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music. “I was playing piano and he was recording stuff over it. It was quite surreal for me… then I played him the song, which at the time had no chorus and I think he just really loved it. And then when I was back in London, him and [producer BJ Burton] sent something over.”

Listen to “Dionne” below and check out Amber’s Chewing Cotton Wool EP here.

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