Powfu, Alec Benjamin & RXSEBOY Remix Sista Prod’s “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic”

Mike Wass | August 13, 2020 2:59 pm
Powfu's 'death bed' Video
Powfu rolls out a suitably DIY video for his viral hit 'death bed (coffee for your head).'

EDIT: The post has been updated with Sista Prod’s “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic, Pt. 2” video. Check it out below.

With the live music scene in ruins (shout out 2020), TikTok is the new hunting group for A&R execs to find hits. The perfect example is Jawsh 685’s “Laxed — Siren Beat,” which Jason Derulo transformed into “Savage Love” and landed a global smash. Sista Prod, an 18-year-old producer from Italy, is hoping that lightning strikes twice with “Eyes Blue Like That Atlantic.” His 2018 viral hit has been remixed by Powfu, Alec Benjamin and RXSEBOY, and rereleased as “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic, Pt. 2.”

The most arresting verse on the dreamy collaboration belongs to Alec. “And so the story goes, love grows and then it gets cut down — then crumbles like a rose and decomposes in the ground,” he sings, before lightening the tone. “There’s no fear my dear, ’cause here it all works out — the clothes will dry, the tears will disappear and from the ground a rose will rise.” Aww. Given the popularity of Sista Prod’s original, don’t be too surprised to see the sequel explode in the coming weeks. Listen below.

The video:

Part 2:

The original:

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