Kylie Minogue Rolls Out Acoustic Version Of “Say Something”

Mike Wass | August 14, 2020 12:24 am
Kylie's Dreamy 'Say Something'
Kylie Minogue launches the 'DISCO' era with seductive 'Say Something.'

Kylie Minogue’s euphoric “Say Something” ranks as one of 2020’s best singles. The extremely on-trend disco anthem (every diva in pop is strapping on her platforms and twirling underneath a disco ball this year) now gets a stunning make-under. Ms. Minogue’s mid-tempo banger has been skillfully transformed into an acoustic ballad, which showcases the pop icon’s underrated vocals and sheer loveliness of the lyrics. If something a little more upbeat is more your thing, never fear. I hear that club remixes are on the way.

While it’s increasingly hard for legacy acts to make much of a dents on the charts given the way that their fan bases consumer music (buying as opposed to streaming), “Say Something” is off to a promising start. Kylie’s latest has been warmly embraced by radio in Australia and the UK, and is holding firm on iTunes in both countries. Knowing the Aussie hitmaker, she will have a few more tricks up her petite sleeve to promote the song in the weeks to come. In the meantime dive into the acoustic version of “Say Something” below.

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