WONHO Makes Promising Solo Debut With “Losing You”

Mike Wass | August 14, 2020 1:28 pm
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You gotta love a happy ending. WONHO really went through it last year when he was falsely accused of smoking weed (police cleared him of the allegations) and forced to leave hugely-popular K-Pop outfit Monsta X. Happily, fans rallied behind him and the 27-year-old was soon offered a solo deal. His first release arrives today (August 14) and it’s a soaring power ballad called “Losing You.” Co-written and co-produced by WONHO, the English-language track showcases his vocals and emotional delivery.

“Keep my heart at your place, pull me closer,” he croons in the opening verse. “‘Cause anytime or place, I’d be your shield.” That takes us to the epic chorus. “Baby, I would go to war for you, build an army if you need me to,” WONHO belts. “‘Cause losing me is better than losing you.” What inspired the song? “For me, ‘Losing You’ is about the connection between people, and the selflessness of loving someone so much that you’ll become one with them and they become even more important to you than yourself,” the heartthrob reveals.

“Losing You” is the first taste of WONHO’s first mini-album, Part 1. Love Synonym #1 : Right for Me, which drops on September 4. As expected the song is already shooting up iTunes around the world.

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