AJR Taps Hayley Kiyoko For “Bang!” Remix

Mike Wass | August 17, 2020 2:45 pm

AJR has a huge hit on their collective hands with “Bang!” The trio, which is comprised of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan, dropped the song at the top of the year and immediately found love at alternative radio. Streaming numbers soon took off (it has accumulated more than 120 million global streams) and it finally cracked the Billboard Hot 100 in July. AJR’s feel-good anthem is destined to experience another surge of popularity thanks to the release of a remix featuring Hayley Kiyoko.

“Put quinoa in my fridge, still I’m not feeling grown,” Jack Metzger begins the song. “Been a hell of a ride, but I’m thinking it’s time to go.” Hayley is also ready for a change. “So these girls on my block, keep on messin’ me up,” she sings on her verse. “And I gave ’em my keys, now I’m changin’ the lock.” They then take turns tackling the sing-along chorus: “So put your best face on everybody, pretend you know this song everybody — come hang, let’s go out with a bang!” Listen to the remix below.

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