Zara Larsson’s “Wow” Is A Belated & Well-Deserved Hit

Mike Wass | August 18, 2020 1:43 pm
Zara Drops 'Love Me Land'
The Swedish pop star returns with a triumphant banger called 'Love Me Land.'

If the success of songs like Trevor Daniel’s “Falling” and Sam Fischer’s “This City” have taught us anything, it’s that release dates don’t really matter when it comes to viral hits. Zara Larsson’s “Wow” is yet another example. Originally released in early 2019, the Marshmello-produced banger failed to dent the charts. Which was infuriating because it was (and obviously still is) a bop. Happily, fate has intervened and the song now has a second lease of life thanks to a placement in Netflix’s Work It.

In fact, streaming numbers have soared by more than 2,300 percent since the dance-themed movie’s premiere — with streams increasing from 17,000 per day to 447,000 per day. On Spotify, the bop went from 13,000 streams-per-day to 343,000 streams-per-day, while it increased on Apple Music from 3,000 streams-per-day to 87,000 streams-per-day. And people are still discovering it. Zara’s surprise hit is currently the fifth most Shazam’ed track in US. Revisit “Wow” below. Hopefully, it’s not too late to get an official video.

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