Mariah Carey Announces Compilation Album ‘The Rarities’

Mike Wass | August 19, 2020 1:07 am
Flashback: Mariah Carey's 'Almost Home'
In a perfect world, Mimi's soaring 'Almost Home' would have been a huge hit.

2020 has been a special year for The Lambily. Our patron saint, living legend Mariah Carey, has celebrated the 30th anniversary of her debut album with weekly goodies including live recordings and remixes EPs. Mimi is now ready to step things up a notch by releasing a new compilation album called The Rarities. “This one is for you, my fans,” she captioned the stunning cover. “It’s to celebrate us, and to thank you for years of pure love and support. I am so grateful to you.” The album drops October 2 and can be pre-ordered here.

So, what’s on it? Well, the 5-Octave Angel hasn’t unveiled the full tracklist yet. However, we know that it’s a double disc that runs for a whopping 32 songs thanks to Apple Music. One CD is comprised of live performances from a concert at the Tokyo Dome in 1996. The other is still a mystery, but it definitely includes at least one new track — a duet with Lauryn Hill called “Save The Day.” Expect Mimi to reveal more details in the days ahead. For now, feast your eyes on the artwork below.

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