Melody Thornton Rolls Out Retro “Love Will Return” Video

Mike Wass | August 19, 2020 1:50 pm
Melody's 'Lioness Eyes' EP
Melody Thornton drops her excellent solo debut EP, 'Lioness Eyes.'

Melody Thornton’s long-awaited debut solo EP, Lioness Eyes, arrived on August 7 and it’s a dreamy, retro-R&B delight. One of the highlights is a ballad called “Love Will Return,” which showcases the PCD queen’s powerful pipes. “I’m not running with a butterfly net, ’cause true love lands gently your arm,” she sings in the opening verse over soaring, Phil Spector-channelling production. Her resolve wavers, however, as we reach the chorus. “If my love will return to me, I’m missing him desperately,” Melody belts.

“If my love will return to me, I’d treat him so properly or should I just move on?” The hitmaker rolls out a visual for “Love Will Return” today (August 19) and it’s a glamorous affair that pays tribute to the song’s ’60s sound palette. Melody serves a series of retro looks, puffs on a cigarette and does her thing in the vocal booth. It fits the soulful ballad perfectly, successfully bringing a bygone era to life. Watch the video below and listen to Melody’s Lioness Eyes EP here.

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