Premiere: Lotus Ma’at Drops Dreamy “Just Talk” Video

Mike Wass | August 20, 2020 12:35 pm

After making a great first impression with a one-two punch of gems (“Missing You” and “Loving Me”) in 2019, Lotus Ma’at upped the ante earlier this year with “Just Talk.” The Philippines-born, New Jersey-raised newcomer opens her heart over a mellow, stripped-back acoustic arrangement. “Can we just talk for a minute right now, I got something to say but I don’t know how you’re going to take it,” she begins the stream-of-consciousness song. “‘Cause you might not like what I got to say now, But I just gotta be honest with you.”

It turns out, the 20-year-old isn’t quite sure where she stands. “The crazy thing is we got something special right here,” Lotus sings. “We could just be cool and keep it like this, right here.” What inspired the track? “I’ve been in a situation where I was confused about my feelings for someone but one thing I knew for sure was how special the connection was to me and how things are smooth between us,” she reveals. “I’d rather keep it on that level and be honest about it.” If this is any indication, the breakout star’s upcoming debut EP, GET LO, is going to be essential listening.

We are very excited to premiere Lotus’ hazy, sun-dappled “Just Talk” video below.

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