Nikki Fre$h (AKA Nicole Richie) Is Releasing An Album

Mike Wass | August 28, 2020 12:05 am

EDIT: The post has been edited with Nikki’s (AKA Nicole) debut album. Stream it in full below.

2020 is nothing if not surprising. Along with an endless cavalcade of hellish developments, there have also been a couple of fun moments. Like the announcement of Nicole Richie’s debut album. Unearthed arrives on August 28 (AKA tonight) and is definitely worth a listen. There’s a twist, however. The project is being released under the moniker Nikki Fre$h, which is the titular character of Nicole’s Quibi series. In it, she plays a semi-delusional rapper and the accompanying music is intentionally hilarious.

There’s a bop called “Drip Drip” about clean drinking water and “We Are A Garden,” which includes the Grammy-worthy lyric “I’m a seed, bitch!” I know the album is satirical, but the songs are kind of… good. Nicole has a surprisingly smooth flow and the production is tight. Perhaps, the 38-year-old would consider releasing a legitimate musical project at some point. A background in reality TV didn’t stop (one-time BFF) Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag dropping albums. Get a taste for Unearthed below.

Stream the album:

The announcement:

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