Interview: Katy Perry Talks ‘Smile’ & Clown Aesthetic

Mike Wass | August 28, 2020 1:08 pm
Album Review: Katy Perry's 'Smile'
We review Katy Perry's multi-layered, bop-filled 'Smile' album.

Daisy Dove Bloom might have taken 9 months to arrive, but Katy Perry’s fifth album gestated for a lot longer. With songs dating back in 2017, Smile has evolved — seemingly in real time — with the superstar. From the tear-soaked bangers that begin the album to sunny serenity that ends it, Smile is a diary-like account of Katy’s early 30s. One that she has been kind enough to share with the world. I recently got the chance to chat with the new-mom via Zoom and ask some questions about my favorite songs.

In addition to spilling a little tea on the creation of “Cry About It Later” (Katy refers to it as the album’s “sleeper”) and “It’s Not The End Of The World” (she’s right about the sample, Bananarama merely covered it in the ’80s), the enduring hitmaker opens up about juggling pop and pregnancy, fan art and her now-iconic clown aesthetic. Katy points out that she’s not actually smiling on the cover, which gives the title a melancholy twist. Oh, and I even got to say, “Justice for Witness!” Watch our Zoom conversation below.

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