Maggie Lindemann Returns With “Knife Under My Pillow”

Mike Wass | August 28, 2020 2:09 pm
Maggie Lindemann's 'Friends Go'
The rising pop star channels early Gwen Stefani on her new single, 'Friends Go.'

Maggie Lindemann makes a welcome return to the New Music Friday lineup with a winning pop/rock experiment called “Knife Under My Pillow.” The first taste of the 22-year-old’s long-awaited debut project is essentially about fear. “Sorry I don’t mean to freak you out, but I hear someone inside my house,” Maggie begins over crunchy guitars. “Heart racing, keeping me awake.” Paranoia takes hold on the chorus. “I can’t sleep without the lights, a chill is running down my spine,” she sings. “Staring out the window, a knife under my pillow.”

What inspired the song? “I started watching horror movies at a super young age which I think is what probably sparks this fear in my brain,” Maggie explains in the press release. “When I was a little kid my biggest fear was being kidnapped. But I swear to you there was something going on in this house I was living in. I actually really did start sleeping with a knife under my pillow.” More than a year has passed since the breakout star dropped her last single, “Friends Go,” which makes this case for celebration. Listen below.

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