AJR Celebrates Rock Bottom On “Bummerland”

Mike Wass | August 31, 2020 1:21 pm

AJR is currently enjoying one of the biggest hits of their career with “Bang!” (135 million streams and rising), but the trio is already moving on to the followup. “Bummerland” arrived this morning and it’s an instantly catchy celebration of rock bottom. “My friends always pay for my drinks, I can’t afford no nice things,” Jack Metzger sings on a verse, before looking on the bright side. “But I hope my bank account gets so low… so next year when I buy that first beer, I’ll be a goddamn hero.”

What inspired the 2020-appropriate song? “We wrote ‘Bummerland’ as an anthem for being down on your luck,” the band explains. “There’s this weird moment when you hit rock bottom, when you start to appreciate and celebrate any tiny win, and we thought that could be an interesting complement to a high-energy song. We thought, now more than ever, people could use a song like this.” Given the success of “Bang!” and the anthemic quality of “Bummerland” (below), there’s every chance of AJR’s 4th album being their biggest yet.

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