Winona Oak Drops Empowering Anthem “With Myself”

Mike Wass | September 1, 2020 2:33 pm
Winona Oak's 'Closure' EP
Swedish pop star Winona Oak rolls out her excellent debut EP, 'Closure.'

Despite the restrictions imposed by a global pandemic, Winona Oak has still managed to make huge strides in 2020. The Swedish pop star kicked off the year by dropping her excellent debut EP, Closure, and then kept fans happy during lockdown with a couple of club collaborations. She now returns with an empowering new single called “With Myself,” which is essentially about reclaiming your power. “I’m thinking about my money, all the things I wanna buy me,” Winona begins the song. “I don’t need nobody else, ’cause I’m fucking with myself.”

What inspired the track? “I’ve been thinking a lot about how scarily easy it is to lose yourself in order to please somebody else,” the breakout star explains. “You start overlooking your own needs and all of a sudden it’s like you’re living and breathing to satisfy someone that wouldn’t lift a finger for you.” She wanted to shatter that illusion with her new song. “I want you to feel empowered,” Winona continues. “I want women of all ages, all around the world to feel comfortable in their own beautiful bodies, and to stop putting somebody else’s needs and opinions in front of their own.”

The “Break My Broken Heart” singer filmed the visual for “With Myself” in New York City just before shutdown. Check out the striking video below.

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