Tori Kelly’s “Unbothered” Video Is A Ray Of Sunshine

Mike Wass | September 3, 2020 12:37 pm
Interview: Tori Kelly Talks 'Solitude' EP
We speak to Tori Kelly about her 'Solitude' EP & upcoming projects.

Tori Kelly’s “Unbothered” is a three-and-a-half minute reprieve from the heaviness of 2020. The light and airy bop is about the rush of wellbeing that comes when you realize you have finally moved on from something or someone. “Smelling roses all the time, can’t mess with my peace of mind,” she sings brightly. “Used to be so blue but I’m… unbothered, babe, I’ve been feeling brand new.” The Grammy winner now unveils the visual and it is suitably feel-good affair that finds Tori serving looks in the great outdoors.

“Unbothered” is one of the highlights of the 27-year-old’s recently-released Solitude EP, a 5-song set of soulful, upbeat anthems that she recorded in her home studio during lockdown. It represents a new phase of both Tori’s career and life. After the rawness and introspection of Inspired By True Events, the hitmaker is in a better place and that is reflected in her music. Check out Tori’s (very good) EP here and watch her radiant “Unbothered” video below.

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