Morgan Saint Runs Riot In “KEEP ON HANGING ON” Video

Mike Wass | September 3, 2020 2:21 pm
Interview: Morgan Saint Talks 'HELP' EP
We catch up with Morgan Saint to find out more about her 'HELP' EP.

Morgan Saint’s HELP stands out as one of the best EPs of 2020 due to perfect pop songs like “KEEP ON HANGING ON.” On it, the singer/songwriter loses herself in an unhealthy relationship. “You’re always on my mind, can’t seem to close my eyes without seeing you,” she sings over pristine synths. “It’s eating me alive, don’t know what to do.” Instead of leaving, the NYC-based artist decides to stick around until the bitter end. “We just keep on hanging on,” Morgan laments. “Knew this would hurt all along.”

It’s a very different sound from the breakout star’s ALIEN project, which was the whole point. “I really completely rejected and broke down every box that I had put myself in creatively,” Morgan told Idolator earlier this year. “Beyond that, I think it feels bolder, stronger and more honest and blunt than ever before. I haven’t held back on anything. This project was truly from my heart and brain directly to you.” Watch the grungy, animated video for “KEEP ON HANGING ON,” which finds our heroine behaving badly in a post-apocalyptic world (or maybe just 2020), below.

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