New Find: Blake Rose Rolls Out “Ordinary People” Video

Mike Wass | September 3, 2020 3:23 pm

With two viral hits (“Lost” and “Gone”) under his belt, Blake Rose already ranks as one of the breakout stars of 2020. His hot streak continues with “Ordinary People,” a delicate love song, which arrived in June. “Met you out late last night, lost my voice but you didn’t mind,” the Aussie singer/songwriter croons. “Held my waist to your own, danced all night and kissed me slow.” He looks to the future on the chorus: “I really hope that you don’t leave like ordinary people, but a fool could see that you would never be in love as deep.”

It turns out, the song is a musical diary entry. “I don’t fall for people very easily, but when I do it’s hard and very spontaneous,” the 21-year-old reveals. “I was hanging out with this girl for no longer than a week, but I fell head over heels and this song is a result of that. It’s a word for word recount of exactly what happened during that brief but unforgettable period of time.” Today (September 3), Blake releases a lonesome visual. It finds him performing the song in the back of a car parked at a remote lookout. Watch below.

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