Birdy Returns With “Open Your Heart” From ‘Piano Sketches’ EP

Mike Wass | September 4, 2020 12:17 pm

After a four-year hiatus, Birdy flies back to us with a new single called “Open Your Heart.” The first taste of Piano Sketches (due November 2) is a stunning piano ballad that showcases the Brit’s extraordinary voice and growth as a songwriter. “I feel so lost sometimes, trying to read between the lines,” she begins. “I’m waiting here for you, giving it all, trying to get through.” Birdy desperately tries to break down walls on the chorus. “But I’ll never know, never find who you are,” the 24-year-old sings. “If you don’t open your heart to me.”

What has the singer/songwriter been up to since 2016? “I’ve spent the last few years recording a new album coming next year which I’m super-excited to share,” Birdy reveals in the press release. “I wrote a load of music I’m so proud of that might not normally have seen the light of day — I’ll be releasing the tracks stripped back over the coming months ahead of the album.” I can’t wait. Jasmine’s (her real name) three studio albums are still on high rotation for me, particularly her haunting debut. Listen to “Open Your Heart” below.

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