We Need To Talk About Dua Lipa & The Blessed Madonna’s “Love Is Religion”

Mike Wass | September 5, 2020 2:01 pm
The Blessed Madonna Interview
We speak to the famed DJ about the creation of 'Club Future Nostalgia.'

Everyone has an opinion on Club Future Nostalgia. Stan Twitter was not impressed by The Blessed Madonna’s transformation of Dua Lipa’s beloved album into a DJ mixtape, while others loved how the TBM brought the songs back to the underground influences that inspired them. Regardless of your opinion, there is one song that you need to spend more time with. Fans were excited about Madonna making a cameo on Club Future Nostalgia via that polarizing “Levitating” remix, but the real tribute to the Queen of Pop is “Love Is Religion.”

Originally recorded (and curiously rejected) for Future Nostalgia, “Love Is Religion” is the closest we’ll ever get to “Like A Prayer 2.0.” The original version, which leaked earlier this year, is hugely enjoyable in its own right, but The Blessed Madonna ups the tempo and leans into the not-very-subtle Madonna references, turning this into musical crack. “I can be your muse, I can be your ally,” Dua purrs over bubblegum synths. “I can be your moon, I can be your sacrifice.” The song then goes full “Like A Prayer,” choir and all, on the chorus.

“Tell me you believe, get down on your knees,” the UK pop star sings euphorically. “They say love is religion, so say a prayer with me.” I need a video, a 12-minute extended version, a dub, a Shep Pettibone remix and a feature from Madonna. Or I can just continue listening to this on repeat. If you were a little rash in your decision to leave Club Future Nostalgia, let this be your ticket back in. Listen below.

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