Olivia Holt & R3HAB “love u again” Video Is Suitably Emo

Mike Wass | September 10, 2020 1:56 pm
Olivia Holt's 'Bad Girlfriend'
The budding pop star returns with a banger called 'Bad Girlfriend.'

Olivia Holt resurfaced in August with a brokenhearted banger called “love u again.” A collaboration with Dutch DJ R3HAB, the pop star’s first single of 2020 has already amassed more than two million streams — a number that is sure to rise exponentially with the arrival of a moody video. It finds our heroine driving around California (I’m guessing from the scenery), feeling lonely and lost. In other words, it captures the tone of the song perfectly. After all, “love u again” is about being hung up on an ex.

“Heard that you’re on your way with somebody, I really don’t wanna break up the party,” Olivia begins over R3HAB’s dreamy synths. “‘Cause I’ve been drinking broken-hearted, if I stay I know I will regret in the morning.” It turns out, she isn’t ready to let go. “Don’t wanna see nobody touch you and know you’re happy again, because a part of me wants to believe,” the 23-year-old sings on the chorus. “That if you’re coming, you’re coming for me — won’t let nobody love you if I can’t love you again.” Watch the video below.

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