Interview: David Guetta On Reuniting With Sia For “Let’s Love”

Mike Wass | September 11, 2020 2:12 pm
David Guetta & Sia's 'Let's Love'
David Guetta and Sia come together (for the fifth time) on 'Let's Love.'

Over the last 9 years, David Guetta and Sia have recorded four collaborations — “Titanium,” “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces),” “Bang My Head” and “Flames” — and amassed two billion streams in the process. Their fifth joint-venture, “Let’s Love,” arrives today (September 11) and it’s a mood-elevating banger of the highest caliber. I recently Zoomed with the French producer in a bid to discover the essence of their special chemistry. “We started in such a magic way,” David explains. “She became that huge star, but she’s very loyal to me and I appreciate that a lot.”

It turns out that they are also on the same page musically. When it came to producing “Let’s Love,” the superstar DJ decided to flip it from a ballad (its original form) to an ’80s-influenced bop. “I was feeling like the ’80s are probably the moment where music… [there was] no shame of being simple and feel good,” he reveals. “I’m very inspired by Pat Benatar from the ’80s. When I produced the song, I sent it back to Sia. She’s like, ‘It’s crazy how you feel me because this is a little bit in the vibe of Pat Benatar, and I love Pat Benatar.'”

In addition to spreading good vibes with “Let’s Love,” David has a lot of other projects on the boil. “We did the Future Rave EP with MORTEN. I did this record with Sia, but it is also the beginning of a full cycle of pop music that is coming, and the Jack Back remixes.” As for his much-anticipated 8th album? “It’s possible, but at least there’s a few singles that are coming, that’s for sure.” Watch the full video interview below and check out “Let’s Love” here.

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