Cam Reveals Tracklist Of ‘The Otherside’

Mike Wass | September 14, 2020 2:50 pm
Cam Interview
Cam talks 'Til There's Nothing Left' and her long-awaited sophomore LP.

Five years have passed since Cam released her major-label debut album, Untamed, but she’s finally ready to released the followup. The Otherside drops October 30 and it documents her (emotional) response to the world we live in. “These past few years, my expectations for the world were severely undercut,” Cam reveals in the press release. “Honestly, my idealist heart needed some reworking to be able to survive. At the same time all of this inner development was happening, I was touring the world and getting better at singing and songwriting.”

“Now in hindsight, from The Otherside, I can hear the through-line of how it’s all made me more myself,” she adds. Today (September 14), the “Burning House” hitmaker revealed the album’s tracklist. It includes the singles “Diane” and “Classic” as well as buzz tracks like “Till There’s Nothing Left” and “Redwood Tree.” The songwriting credits also deserve some attention. Harry Styles co-wrote “Changes,” Sam Smith had a hand in “Happier For You” and the late Avicii was part of “The Otherside.” See the full tracklist below.

Cam’s The Otherside tracklist:

1. Redwood Tree

2. The Otherside

3. Classic

4. Forgetting You

5. Like A Movie

6. Changes

7. Till There’s Nothing Left

8. What Goodbye Means

9. Diane

10. Happier For You

11. Girl Like Me

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