Mylène Farmer Returns With “L’âme Dans L’eau”

Mike Wass | September 21, 2020 2:10 pm
Review: Mylène Farmer's 'Désobéissance'
We review the French superstar's 11th studio LP, 'Désobéissance.'

Mylène Farmer returns with a new single called “L’âme Dans L’eau” (or “Soul In The Water”). A strikingly beautiful synth-ballad, the French superstar’s latest is actually a cover — or translation — of How I Became The Bomb’s 2015 viral hit “Ulay, Oh.” That song tells the tale of ex-lovers briefly reunited after decades apart, and Mylène’s adaptation is similarly heartbreaking. Time will tell if this is a stand-alone single or the first taste of the 59-year-old’s much-anticipated 12th studio album.

Often compared with Madonna due to her chart domination (Mylène has racked up 20 number 1 hits in France), constant reinvention and outrageous videos, the pop star’s popularity has not waned since debuting in the ’80s. Moreover, her music continues to evolve and stay ahead of the curve. Take her last album, 2018’s Désobéissance. That opus mixed dreamy synth-pop with experimental electro, a spoken-word message, gorgeous ballads and a song about her ass. Fall in love with the achingly lovely “L’âme Dans L’eau” below.

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