New Find: lùisa’s Poetic “Deep Sea State Of Mind”

Mike Wass | September 21, 2020 4:02 pm
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German indie-pop singer lùisa resurfaced last week with poetic anthem called “Deep Sea State Of Mind.” Her first new song in three years is essentially about reconnecting with your authentic self. “I’ve been chasing my own head for a long, long time,” she begins the song. “You better be who you want to be.” That takes us to the melancholy chorus. “I let myself sink in ’til I have reached my Deep Sea State Of Mind, where I’ll never be hurt, never be hurt again.” It turns out the song was inspired — at least partially — by modern life.

“Every day we are flooded with images and expectations,” lùisa explains. “We are told to optimize and deliver constant output. Sometimes everything feels too much, too bright, too loud, we lose the connection to what is really important. Then our mind searches for deeper answers, and we need the space in which we see our own vulnerability and sadness not as weakness but as our human depth.” While the subject matter is timely, “Deep Sea State Of Mind” evokes nostalgic sounds of the ’70s and ’80s. Listen lùisa’s very, very good comeback single below.

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