Elliphant’s Third LP Takes Shape With “Time Machine”

Mike Wass | September 23, 2020 3:03 pm

After taking a four-year hiatus, Elliphant bounced back in 2020 with a pair of very good singles (“Uterus” and “Had Enough”). The Swedish pop star now rolls out “Time Machine” as the third cut from her long-awaited third LP, and it’s the best yet. “Just come over and watch Pulp Fiction tonight, I hit a liquor store and get us a big box of wine,” she begins the nostalgic bop. “Go wipe that vinyl off, put a record on for us and celebrate the memories we lost.” On the anthemic chorus, Elliphant sings about the way old friends keep you young.

“Drinking cheap wine, like we used to do,” Ellinor (her real name) belts. “I’m just so lucky that we made it through, I stayed young in the eyes of you — time machine, you’re my time machine.” What inspired the song? “To have an old friend means having your own time machine,” she explains. “This song is an embrace to a group of girlfriends that have been my anchor for more than 20 years. We all have been through so much, but when we get together, time stops and we are 13 again. It’s like nothing has or will ever change; through their eyes, I am forever young.”

Listen to the Mark Rankin-produced “Time Machine” below.

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