Lana Del Rey Jumps On Remix Of Matt Maeson’s “Hallucinogenics”

Mike Wass | September 25, 2020 12:12 am
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EDIT: The post has been updated with Matt Maeson and Lana Del Rey’s “Hallucinogenics.” Check it out below.

Well, here’s a nice surprise! Lana Del Rey joins this week’s New Music Friday lineup courtesy of a collaboration with Matt Maeson. She lends her voice to a remix — or duet version — of “Hallucinogenics.” If you have listened to alt radio at all in the last couple of months, you will already be familiar with the song. (After all, it was the format’s most-played track for three weeks). And if you have heard “Hallucinogenics,” you’ll know that it is perfect fit for LDR — both lyrically and sonically.

“Pushin’ past the limit, trippin’ on hallucinogenics,” Matt sings on the original version over sparse production that oscillates between folk and rock. “My cigarette burnt my finger, ’cause I forgot I lit it.” It soon becomes clear that disappointment and self-destruction are the song’s driving forces. “‘Cause I just couldn’t open up, I’m always shiftin,” the breakout singer/songwriter laments on the chorus. “Go find yourself a man who’s strong, and tall, and Christian.” See Matt’s announcement below and check back at midnight ET for the duet version.

The song:

The announcement:

The original version:

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