Amy Allen Continues To Impress With “Heaven”

Mike Wass | September 25, 2020 12:02 am
Amy Allen's 'Queen Of Silver Linings'
Songwriter Amy Allen drops her debut single 'Queen Of Silver Linings.'

Amy Allen ranks as one of 2020’s breakout stars thanks to “Queen Of Silver Linings” and “Difficult.” The singer/songwriter, who has penned hits for Harry Styles, Halsey and Selena Gomez, makes it three gems in row with a hard-hitting song called “Heaven.” Co-written and co-produced with The Monsters & Strangerz, Jon Bellion and Ethan Gruska, Amy’s latest release is about addiction. “Your hands are shaking,” she sings in an emotional verse. “I hate that you’re playing a game that you’ll eventually lose.”

That takes us to the brooding chorus. “You’ve never been to heaven, but you got pretty close last night,” Amy belts. “You’ll be no exception when the gates open up next time.” It turns out, the subject matter of “Heaven” is deeply personal. “I grew up watching two people I love struggle with addiction and ultimately lost them both last year,” the breakout star reveals. “I tried so hard to avoid writing about something so painful, but I kept hearing the line, ‘You’ve never been to Heaven but you got pretty close last night’ in my head.”

“I realized how important it is to share these stories so people know they aren’t alone,” Amy adds. Watch the stunning “Heaven” video below.

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