Jónsi & Robyn Link For Disruptive Banger “Salt Licorice”

Mike Wass | September 30, 2020 1:50 pm
Robyn's 'Between The Lines' Video
The Swedish pop star cuts loose in Ibiza in her 'Between The Lines' video.

Well, here’s a clash of the (Scandinavian-pop) titans! Jónsi calls on Robyn for a disruptive, distorted banger called “Salt Licorice.” It follows “Cannibal” as the second single of his upcoming sophomore LP, Shiver, which drops on October 2. “Kiss my soul, oh, my salty licorice, you taste like frost and burnish leather,” Jónsi begins over A.G. Cook’s punishing beats. “I sink in your blue eyes, blondie boy,” Robyn replies. “You give me cold shoulders, throw me overboard.” That takes us to the defiantly pop chorus.

“Why can’t you just be okay? You’re such an ice breaker on me,” they harmonize. “Why can’t you just be led astray? ‘Cause you’re a heartbreaker only.” Robyn shares her reaction to the collaboration in the press release. “[It] is such a cute and perfect pop song,” she muses. “It makes me want to dance violently and make out at the same time. It was a no-brainer to say yes to singing it with Jónsi. The pretty emails I get with a thousand emojis in them from him is a bonus that came with our collaboration as well.” Watch the video below.

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