JoJo Rolls Out Diane Warren-Penned Ballad “The Change”

Mike Wass | October 2, 2020 2:00 pm
Album Review: JoJo's 'Good To Know'
We review JoJo's soulful, raw and brutally honest 'Good To Know' LP.

JoJo is making up for all those years in label limbo this year. So far, we have received three versions of good to know (standard, deluxe and acoustic) and a killer collaboration with Y2K called “Damage Is Done.” She now rolls out “The Change,” a soaring ballad penned by the legendary Diane Warren. “I’m not gonna blame, put the blame on nobody,” the 29-year-old begins the song. “I’m just gonna look, gonna look in the mirror.” That takes us to the inspiring chorus, which showcases JoJo’s powerful pipes like few other records in her discography.

“I’m gonna be the change, I’m gonna start with my heart,” she belts. “I’m gonna be the light… that lights my way through the dark.” How did the song come about? “Diane Warren is one of the most prolific songwriters of any generation, and over the years she has become a friend and mentor,” the enduring hitmaker explains. “When she sent me ‘The Change’ a few weeks ago, I felt passionately about being the voice to bring her song to life.” JoJo then talks about the song being used as part of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ Get Out the Vote campaign.

“I always try to use my voice for good, but it’s especially meaningful to be singing these words at a time when our country needs to hear them more than ever,” JoJo reveals. “For the song to be chosen by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their ‘campaign anthem’ is an absolute honor. I hope it can help make a difference.” Listen below.

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