John K Drops “Cheap Sunglasses,” Announces ‘love + everything else’

Mike Wass | October 11, 2020 2:43 pm
John K Talks 'If We Never Met' EP
We speak to the breakout pop star about his new EP and big break.

John K’s breakout 2020 continues with an irresistible new single called “Cheap Sunglasses,” which has more to do with the sing/songwriter’s tendency to break things than eyewear. “This is why I can’t have nice things, ’cause I break ’em,” he begins the song. “Or I’ll take them for granted.” It seems, this character flaw also applies to matters of the heart. “I only buy cheap sunglasses ’cause I know that I know that I’ll lose them,” John sings on the catchy chorus. “I can’t keep anything, can’t keep you.”

In other exciting news, the Florida Native also announced his debut project. love + everything else drops on November 13 (pre-order your copy here) and includes John’s current single as well as his breakthrough smash “If We Never Met,” “6 Months” and the 2020-inspired “Happiness.” It follows the rising star’s massively successful 2019 EP, If We Never Met, which garnered more than 200 million cumulative streams. Fall in love with John’s next viral hit, “Cheap Sunglasses,” below.

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