Lauv & Conan Gray Join Forces For “Fake”

Mike Wass | October 13, 2020 1:59 pm
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Breakout star Conan Gray rolls out a stunning video for 'Heather.'

Talk about the emo dream-team! Lauv joins forces with Conan Gray for “Fake,” an anthem about all the two-faced creatures you bump into every single day. “You and your friends you live on the surface, act like you’re perfect,” Lauv begins the song. “Everyone knows, you’re just like everyone else except for you’re better at taking photos.” Conan also does a little venting on his verse. “Calling me up when you’re getting drunk, you say you’re in love but what do you mean,” he sings. “Cause when you wake up you blame it on drugs and then we break up.”

That takes us to the sing-along (and very relatable) chorus. “Man, you’re so fucking fake,” they harmonize. “You don’t mean a single thing you say, if we’ve got a problem say it to my face.” How did the song come together? “We wrote ‘Fake’ the first time I met Conan and it’s one of my fav songs ever,” Lauv reveals. “[It came together] while we were just hanging and ranting about those two-faced people everybody knows,” Conan adds. “Those people who say one thing and do the other, people who constantly talk trash about their own friends.”

Watch Lauv and Conan’s amusing “Fake” video, which pokes fun at pop star tropes, below.

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