Brandy Taps Ty Dolla $ign For “No Tomorrow, Pt. 2”

Mike Wass | October 15, 2020 2:44 pm
Brandy & CTR's 'Baby Mama' Video
The R&B superstar teams up with Chance The Rapper for 'Baby Mama.'

It might have taken eight years for Brandy’s B7 album to come together, but it was worth the wait. The eclectic opus ranks as one of the best R&B releases of 2020, and has already delivered a handful of great singles including “Baby Mama” and “Borderline.” The 41-year-old now rolls out a remix of “No Tomorrow” featuring Ty Dolla $ign as her next single. “Can you give me a minute? Yeah, real quick, while I get me some M&M’s from the 7-Eleven,” she begins the song. “I like it ’cause you know how I get down and you know how I move in secret.”

Instead of bottling up her feelings, Brandy decided to share them on the smooth chorus. “When you starе at me, I feel so beautiful,” she croons. “I’m gonna blow your phone up, in casе there is no tomorrow.” Ty Dolla $ign then returns the love on his verse. “Hol’ up, hol’ up, now wait a minute, my lady,” he sings. “Someone in here, gon’ be havin’ my babies.” With any luck, “No Tomorrow, Pt. 2” will take off and radio and return Brandy to the top of the charts where she belongs. Listen to the loved-up tune below.

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