Little Mix’s ‘Confetti’ LP Takes Shape With “Happiness”

Mike Wass | October 16, 2020 2:09 pm
Little Mix's 'Break Up Song'
The UK girl group introduces their 6th album with 'Break Up Song.'

Another week, another flawless pop song from Little Mix. The UK girl group rolls out “Happiness” as the fourth single from their upcoming Confetti LP (due November 6) and it’s a top-notch banger about reclaiming your power. “Dancing alone in the dark, shadows all over me,” the ladies begin over TMS’ pristine production. “You messed with my heart too long, that was a big mistake.” Little Mix then has something of an epiphany on the chorus. “I was searching for happiness, I was using you to fill up my loneliness,” they harmonize.

“Realized from the moment I set you free, I found the love, I found the love in me.” As far as defiant dance anthems go, this is one of the best. At this rate, Confetti is shaping up to be something of a triumph. The ’80s-influenced “Break Up Song” ranks as one of 2020’s best feel-good bops, while “Holiday” and surprisingly biting “Not A Pop Song” underline the girl group’s consistency and versatility. Get a dose of “Happiness” below.

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