Jamie Lynn Spears Is Releasing An Update Of “Follow Me (Zoey 101)”

Mike Wass | October 19, 2020 12:41 pm

Well, I didn’t see this coming! Jamie Lynn Spears is returning to the music scene on Thursday (October 22) with an updated version of “Follow Me (Zoey 101)” — the theme song of her beloved ’00s sitcom. Of course, the track was originally co-written by big sister Britney Spears. “My sister was like, ‘It can’t suck,'” Jamie reminisces in an interview with Nylon magazine. “She would help me sing exactly how I want to sing because she knew I could sing, but I was so shy about it for some reason.”

“My sister pulled together this song, and then she came in the studio with me and made sure I felt comfortable,” she continues. “But we never actually released a version of it.” The revised version was produced by Chantel Jeffries, who is a big fan of the show. “I always wished that I could go to PCA,” the DJ remembers. “I was like, ‘Mom, please send me to boarding school.’ I was so excited to work on something that was so nostalgic and meaningful to me, and so happy to work with Jamie Lynn.”

What was Jamie’s goal for the song? “This is reminiscent of that time, but also the modern Zoey,” the 29-year-old explains. “Who would Zoey be today? What would she sound like? This hits it right on the head, especially for where I’m going with everything. And not just for Zoey, but for me, too.” If that’s not enough nostalgia, the “Chillin’ With You” icon also announced See it First: The Follow Me (Zoey 101) Experience, a global livestream event that will reunite her with original cast of Zoey 101.” See the teaser below.

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