Cyn Returns With An Ode To “New York”

Mike Wass | October 20, 2020 12:27 pm
Interview: Cyn Talks 'Mood Swing' EP
We speak to Cyn about her 'Mood Swing' EP and bringing the fun back to pop.

Cyn earned a well-deserved commercial breakthrough earlier this year with viral/radio hit “Drinks.” 2020 got in the way of promoting that song fully, but the rising star took it in her stride. She bounces back today (October 20) with “New York.” Co-written with Jack Garratt and produced by Matias Mora, the stripped-back ballad is a moving ode to the bright lights and infinite possibility of the Big Apple. “I can’t explain it, this yearning feeling,” Cyn begins over a piano arrangement. “There’s no escaping, keeps creeping back in.”

The “yearning feeling” she is referring to is the hope that there’s an opportunity waiting for her. “There’s someone out there, inside the mirror,” the 27-year-old belts. “Her plan is grand and her mind is clearer… maybe I’m meant to be in New York.” It turns out, the song was partially inspired by the darkness of 2020. “Even though times are uncertain, I aim to remind people that looking toward the future with optimism is still worth it,” Cyn explains. “‘New York’ is a love song with an undeniable thread of possibility running through it.” Listen below.

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