Premiere: Alex Porat’s “forgot to forgive”

Mike Wass | October 21, 2020 9:00 am

Toronto singer/songwriter Alex Porat completes her 4-track bad at breakups EP with the introspective and infinitely relatable “forgot to forgive.” Which is essentially about holding on to resentment. “I took all of our pictures down, there’s tan lines on the wall,” the breakout star begins. “Deleted all our messages, tried to break the fall.” However, there’s a catch. “Late night I’m lying in bed, still getting angry about something you said,” she sings on the chorus. “Four years ago and I know that it’s dead, but I forgot to forgive you.”

“‘forgot to forgive’ is a song about my struggle in forgiving and holding grudges,” Alex explains. “I’m a sensitive person, so it takes a lot for me to move past something. I love introspective songs because those are the songs I find myself relating to the most.” The song’s eerie tone is reflected in the Iris Kim-directed visual. “I love how the video reflects an experience of sleep paralysis in connection with being haunted by people from the past,” she reveals. “It mirrors the story the song tells and really brings to life the nightmare that a bad memory leaves you with.”

We are very excited to premiere Alex’s “forgot to forgive” below.

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