Slayyyter Teams With Wuki For Demented “Self Destruct”

Mike Wass | October 21, 2020 3:32 pm
Slayyyter Covers 'Everytime'
The breakout pop star unleashes a cover of Britney Spears' 'Everytime.'

Slayyyter has been sadly absent for most of 2020, but the electro-pop deviant makes a welcome return just in time for Halloween. The 24-year-old links with Denver-based music producer Wuki for a demented banger called “Self Destruct,” which goes harder than it has any right to. “Baby blue Benz out front, Louis, Murakami, always get what I want,” the “Daddy AF” icon begins over nightmarish beats. “Look but don’t touch, I eat boys like you for breakfast, dinner and lunch.”

“I made this song a while back with Wuki in LA,” Slayyyter remembers. “He started making this crazy icy sounding trap beat and I just started writing nonsense to it. I felt kind of angsty that day which is why the chorus is so aggressive, probably wrote it in about 20 or 30 minutes.” The visual, which was directed by Brent McKeever, also arrives today and it’s a total mind-fuck. “I wanted to be portrayed as the devil,” the breakout star explains. “The chess set is very symbolic of good versus evil.”

“I always feel really inspired by vintage pin up art, and old Halloween-themed porn magazines,” she continues. “It’s sexy and scary and creepy at the same time, just like the song.” Watch Slayyyter’s “Self Destruct” video below.

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