Jennifer Lopez Stans Maluma & Dua Lipa In New Interview

Mike Wass | October 22, 2020 3:53 pm
J.Lo & Maluma's 'Pa' Ti + Lonely' Merch
Jennifer Lopez and Maluma are releasing three different 'Pa' Ti + Lonely' vinyls.

Jennifer Lopez is the latest artist to sit down with Zane Lowe and share her favorite songs as part of Apple Music’s At Home With series. J.Lo singles out ROSAL√ćA and Travis Scott as current faves along with recent collaborator Maluma. “He’s so hot right now,” Jenny muses, before sharing how their duets came together. “It was like, ‘I have a song,’ and Maluma goes, ‘I have a song.’ And I sent him ‘Pa Ti’ and he sent me ‘Lonely.’ And we were like, ‘We’re putting this out right away.’ It was like that.”

The ultimate triple threat also lavishes praise on Dua Lipa. “I love ‘Un Dia,’” she reveals. “I really love Dua. I’ve met her a couple of times. She came to my show. But there’s something about her, like I know that she’s looking and she has the bigger picture vision. I can tell. I can tell when an artist is like ‘I want to do it big and I’m going to study people and I’m going to look at things and I’m going to go to shows and I’m going to figure this out in the right way.'” And she’s killing the game right now, she’s doing really well. I’m a fan.”

Watch J.Lo’s full At Home With interview here and revisit her “Pa’ Ti + Lonely” videos below.

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