Pia Mia Teams Up With Sean Paul & Flo Milli For “Hot” Remix

Mike Wass | October 29, 2020 11:43 pm
Pia Mia Interview
We speak to Pia Mia about 'Princess,' new music and quarantine.

After a stint as an independent artist, Pia Mia returned to the major-label stable this year and immediately made waves. “Princess” ranks as one of 2020’s most underrated bops, while “Hot” is dangerously addictive. She now rolls out a remix of the latter, which features Sean Paul and Flo Milli. “I get a high trippin’ on your love, that’s why I need it daily,” the 24-year-old begins the song. “With every time it intensifies, you can’t help it.” That takes us to the chorus: “I want it long as you’re keepin’ it hot.”

Sean Paul then adds a little dancehall flavor on his verse. “Gyal set good, cah you know you look good, girl,” the “Get Busy” legend gushes. “Set it, let me get it and lef’ it ah slow burn.” Next up is Flo Milli. She brings a lot of attitude to the equation with her fiery verse. “Maybe I like it when you touch it, keep it hot, feel like she lacking ’cause I’m everything she not,” the breakout rapper spits. “Gave him a chance, he only got one shot.” Watch Pia’s sizzling, possibly NSFW “Hot” remix video below.

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