Faouzia Teams Up With John Legend For “Minefields”

Mike Wass | November 5, 2020 1:33 pm
Faouzia's 'How It All Works Out'
Faouzia's hot streak continues with bittersweet bop 'How It All Works Out.'

Faouzia ranks as one of the breakout artists of 2020 thanks to a steady stream of very good singles (“The Road,” “Wake Me When It’s Over,” “Secrets” and my favorite “How It All Works Out”) and a collaboration with Kelly Clarkson. She now takes another step towards stardom by teaming up with John Legend for “Minefields.” The emotional ballad not only showcases her versatility, but also the quality of her voice. “Now this might be a mistake, that I’m calling you this late,” she begins the song. “But these dreams I have of you ain’t real enough.”

John then tackles the next verse. “Started bringing up the past, how the things you love don’t last,” the 11-time Grammy winner croons. “Even though this isn’t fair for both of us.” That takes us to the chorus. “These minefields that I walk through, what I risk to be close to you,” they harmonize. “These minefields keeping me from you, what I risk to be close to you.” What is the song about? “[It] examines what we, as humans, are willing to do to reunite with a loved one – whoever it may be,” Faouzia explains.

“It poses the question, during times of desperation or despair, what risks are we willing to take, driven by the power of love? This is especially poignant during these trying times.” Listen to the powerful anthem below.

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