Katy Perry Drops Uplifting “Resilient” Remix Video

Mike Wass | November 17, 2020 2:53 pm
Album Review: Katy Perry's 'Smile'
We review Katy Perry's multi-layered, bop-filled 'Smile' album.

On Friday (November 13), Katy Perry rolled out a surprise TiĆ«sto remix of “Resilient” featuring Spanish pop star Aitana. It turns out the banger is part of Coke’s new Open To Better campaign. “To me, this campaign is about growing through challenges,” the new-mom explains. “I think the song ‘Resilient’ ties so well into that because being resilient is getting back up after you fall, growing from failure, and getting through that challenge.” She then explained the importance of Aitana’s Spanish-language verse.

“I loved the unity perspective Aitana brought to the song, and how it evolves the message into the importance of being resilient as a group,” Katy continues. “It’s not always just about personal growth, we need to grow together too!” A suitably uplifting and inspiring visual was released today, which is essentially a snapshot of everyday life in lockdown. The Smile superstar makes as cameo, as do her collaborators, but this really highlights the way ordinary people are dealing with 2020. Check it out below.

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