Ariana Grande Releases Sexy “34+35” Video

Mike Wass | November 17, 2020 5:29 pm
Ariana Grande Drops 'Positions'
Ariana's sixth album is a cohesive collection of mid-tempo R&B bops.

“34+35” is probably the song that best represents the sexy tone and mid-tempo R&B sound of Ariana Grande’s Positions. As such, it makes complete sense to release it as the album’s second single — particularly when it has already cracked the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 without promotion. “You might think I’m crazy, the way I’ve been cravin’,” the 27-year-old begins the song. “If I put it quite plainly, just gimme them babies.” From there, she goes on to drop a series of double entendres before arriving at the chorus.

“Can you stay up all night? Fuck me ’til the daylight,” Ari purrs. “Thirty four, thirty five.” What do the numbers mean? Well, just add them together. A song as racy and playful as “34+35” deserves a blockbuster visual and the pop star comes through with a Metropolis-themed gem. Directed by X, the video finds the hitmaker playing a mad scientist who is attempting to bring a robotic version of herself to life. Throw in some sexy looks and a little bit of choreography, and you have a YouTube-conquering clip on your hands. Watch it below.

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