Charlotte OC’s “Where It Stays” Goes Viral After Sync

Mike Wass | November 30, 2020 3:11 pm

Better late than never! Charlotte OC’s “Where It Stays,” one of the highlights from the Brit’s hugely underrated Careless People, is going viral after a sync on Netflix’s Virgin River. Originally released in 2017, the beautiful ballad scores an integral scene in the TV series — resulting in a surge of streams and downloads. “I never knew I would cry when I heard your name, and now I’m running to your heart ’cause I feel the pain,” Charlotte begins the track. “Why do I feel like you’re with me everywhere I lay?”

That takes us to the poetic, haunting chorus. “Tell me where your heart is, tell me where you keep it,” she sings forlornly. “Tell me where it stays.” One of the benefits of the streaming age is the fact that songs don’t really have a shelf life, which means that underrated gems have a way of being found eventually. If you love “Where It Stays” (below), be sure to check out Charlotte’s 2020 EP Oh the Agony, Oh the Ecstasy. Highlights include “This Pain” and “Falling For You.”

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