FLETCHER’s Blockbuster 2020 Continues With “Last Laugh”

Mike Wass | December 7, 2020 4:57 pm
FLETCHER & Kito Are 'Bitter'
FLETCHER teams up with producer Kito for a 'Bitter' breakup banger.

FLETCHER kicked off 2020 by delivering a perfect synth-pop anthem called “Forever” and then followed it up with one the year’s best EPs — The S(ex) Tapes. It’s only fitting that she winds up the longest 12 months in history with another stone cold bop. A contribution to the Promising Young Woman soundtrack, “Last Laugh” is a biting tale of revenge and obsession. “Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ma keep you up at night,” the 26-year-old begins the song. “I’m that bitch, I do the most.”

She underlines that fact on the chorus. “I’ma have the last laugh,” FLETCHER belts. “‘Cause the second you forget me is the second that I come right back.” Given the gender politics at play in the film, “Last Laugh” is a perfect fit for the soundtrack. “I knew within minutes of screening Promising Young Woman, that I needed to be part of the soundtrack,” the pop star reveals. “Unapologetic agency over my own voice and body is something I proudly express through all that I do as an artist.”

“With the privilege of a platform to promote sex positivity and power, I’ve felt it my duty to be an outspoken activist in solidarity with all survivors,” she continues. With ‘Last Laugh,’ which I wrote specifically for this film, I was able to in my own way share with all silenced voices that I will fight for you. The song is an aggressive anthem and tongue-in-cheek threat to all that the fight is not over until the abusive men laughing at our expense are laughing no more.” Watch the stunning visual below.

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