JP Saxe & Julia Michaels Reunite For “Kissin’ In The Cold”

Mike Wass | December 8, 2020 2:14 pm
JP Saxe & Julia's Duet
JP Saxe and Julia Michaels come together for 'If The World Was Ending.'

JP Saxe and Julia Michaels already lay claim to one of the biggest songs of 2020 with “If The World Was Ending.” That prescient duet, which was embraced as a theme song of sorts during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been streamed more than one billion times and was rewarded with a Grammy nomination for Song Of The Year. JP and Julia now reunite for a holiday original called “Kissin’ In The Gold,” which is every bit as gut-wrenching and emotional as their last, platinum-accredited effort.

“Another year, another gray, another friend who moves away,” Julia begins the song. “Seems we’re getting older every day.” She then details how life is changing. “My sister has a baby now, the other one is writing vows,” the singer/songwriter notes. “I hardly recognize this busy town.” JP then steps up for a verse. “Both our hands inside a glove, laughing at how gross we love,” he sings. “Drinking whiskey by the fire bundled up.” They then come together for the bittersweet chorus.

“Time goes by and lovers turn to strangers, people stop believing,” JP and Julia harmonize. “But there’s one thing that I know, we’ll still be kissing in the cold.” Add this to your festive playlist and watch the charming lyric video below.

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