Bangers & Ballads: TINI Drops Third Album ‘TINI TINI TINI’

Mike Wass | December 9, 2020 1:36 pm
TINI Drops Sexy Banger 'Fresa'
The Argentinian pop star blesses us with a banger called 'Fresa.'

Argentinian pop goddess TINI rolled out her third album on Friday (December 4) and it’s a de facto greatest hits compilation. In that it houses most of the global star’s singles released throughout 2019 and 2020 including “22,” “Fresa,” “Recuerdo,” “Ella Dice,” “Duele,” “Un Beso En Madrid” and “Oye.” There is some new material to enjoy, however, including the emotional ballad “Te Olvidare” and a slinky banger called “Si Tu Supieras.” She even mixes it up with an acoustic bop called “Acércate.”

It turns out the eclectic sound palette was completely intentional. “In this album my intention is to convey a message of freedom without bias or stereotypes — that’s why I used different musical genres and various artistic facets,” TINI reveals. “I felt comfortable expressing what I wanted in every song.” In fact, she made a point of trying new things. “Experimenting, making mistakes, changing, accepting myself, was fundamental to growing as a person and as an artist. Never let the critical eye of others stop you.”

The result of TINI’s willingness to experiment with genre and atmosphere is an eclectic album that has a song for every mood and occasion. Feeling frisky and want to party? Argentina’s greatest export has bangers to spare! Need a good cry? Choose your favorite ballad and grab a tissue. In some ways, TINI TINI TINI is a necessary stepping stone in the 23-year-old’s journey to find a sound that is distinctly her own. TINI isn’t quite there yet, but she’s getting very close. Stream the hitmaker’s hugely enjoyable third LP below.

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