Annie Lennox Talks Dissolution Of Eurythmics & Disinterest In Modern Music

Mike Wass | December 10, 2020 3:25 pm
Annie Lennox Drops 'Dido's Lament'
The pop icon releases a ghostly interpretation of a 17th century aria.

Annie Lennox is currently promoting the 10th anniversary edition of A Christmas Cornucopia (it has been remastered and comes with a new track called “Dido’s Lament”). The pop icon recently talked with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about the project and also spilled a little tea on other subjects. For starters, she no longer listens to modern music. “I do love music, but I stopped listening to music years ago,” the 65-year-old admits. “When I turned 40, it’s very interesting, all of a sudden I felt like, ‘Oh, I feel different… I don’t feel like I connect with youth culture anymore.’ I wanted to move, I wanted to evolve and to go somewhere else.”

The multiple Grammy winner also opened up about the dissolution of the Eurythmics. “Our story is unique and particular,” Annie begins. “I think like many groups or duos or trios, you go through a journey and you think at the beginning you’re thinking together in a really sort of complimentary way. That was Dave and I. I did this, he did that, it worked, it was like we really merged.” That changed over time. “[Dave Stewart] was exceptional,” she continues. “I was so fortunate to have such a great partner in so many ways.”

“But you have to understand that it’s a bit like a marriage… so at the beginning it was all like, ‘Yes, we love each other, it’s all great. It’s all fantastic. We’re together in this.’ But after a while, after a while you start looking in other directions to be quite frank. Things that you both thought were great, maybe not so much. Maybe one person thinks it’s great, the other one not seeing. So there starts to be a little friction. It’s normal. I’ve gone through a lot with Dave, he’s gone through a lot with me.” Watch the interview below.

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