Britney Spears’ Iconic ‘In The Zone’ Era: A Gallery

Mike Wass | December 14, 2020 2:12 pm
Britney Is 'Swimming In The Stars'
Britney Spears drops 'Glory' bonus track 'Swimming In The Stars.'

Britney Spears has been good to us in 2020. When she’s not making Instagram a more interesting and mind-altering place, she is casually rolling out songs from Glory. Yes, four years have passed and the pop icon isn’t quite done with promo! We got a full digital and streaming release for “Mood Ring,” a remix package, the sublime “Swimming In The Stars” and then came the biggest bombshell of all — a collaboration with fellow Y2K icons Backstreet Boys called “Matches.”

This year’s great Britney revival has got me feeling nostalgic. While all of her eras have their own feel and charm, I can’t help but feel that In The Zone is a frontrunner. Yes, Blackout is a better record and Circus was a triumphant return. However, In The Zone had classic hits (“Me Against The Music,” “Toxic” and “Everytime”) as well as arguably the 39-year-old’s best tour and a full rollout that boasted multiple performances and even in-store appearances. Take a stroll down memory lane up top.

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